Rose and Aloe blend effortlessly with Witch Hazel to provide a cooling,

soothing, natural antiseptic and face toner. 


Ingredients: Rose water, Aloe Vera Juice, Witch Hazel


Shelf Life of 1 year.

Witch Hazel, Rose and Aloe Crystal Infused Skin Toner

  • Each Altar Egos Crystal Infused Toner has been infused with the healing energies of Rose Quartz, a crystal designed to promote love, empowerment and naturally raise one’s vibrations.

    To use, simply spritz on face or body and allow yourself to air dry.

    Our Crystal Infused Toners are all natural, antiseptic, soothing and gentle on all skin types.

    For more information on Our Crystal Infused Toners, their uses and their application please contact Altar Egos!

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