The Rose of Jericho, also known as a resurrection flower is said to travel from place to place in search of water.


Without water, the plant dries up into a tumbleweed type ball, in the presence of water the plant will open, and regain its green color.


Said to draw in and purify negativity while open, and can project the energy of stones placed on top of the open flower. If the stones are left inside the flower and allowed to close, the Rose of Jericho will provide the stones with a deep cleansing.


The water of the Rose of Jericho is used as a wash to protect those whom are traveling, both physically and spiritually.

Rose of Jericho

  • To use the Rose of Jericho, place the closed flower in a shallow dish contained with clean, room temperature water.


    Allow the flower to open completely (about 7 Days) and remove from the water.


    If needed, one may strain the water and use it as a ritual or ceremonial wash.


    Place on a towel and allow the flower to close completely (about 7 days).


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