Red: Red gathers its spirit from our blood, the source of our vitality,

life force and power.


Passion, anger, lust and our more raw emotions are

representative of the color red.


Red also encapsulates fire, an ever-changing, “living” element whose

sometimes unpredictable nature can spur both creation and destruction.


When placing intent in the color red use caution and intellect to

help effectively harness this color's magical abilities.

Red Taper Candle

  • Candle Magic has a variety of applications, they may be used in ceremonial, field or ritual work, characteristics may be determined by color, additives, and adornments.

    When practicing Candle Magic, consider the following:

    • Carving,
    • Color,
    • Dressing,
    • Flame Movement,
    • Intention,
    • Loading,
    • Shape and
    • Suspension.

    Please practice all fire safety rules and regulations.

    For more information on Candles, their uses and their application please contact Altar Egos!

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