Purple: Kings and Queens often wore lavish purple garments sportin

g exquisite adornments, thus, the color purple, developed a connotation

of wealth and power.


Purple, the combination of Blue (the mind, psychic ability) and

Red (power, vitality) is also the color of psychic power and empowerment.


Place intent in the color purple if you which to boost your

psychic ability, efficiency and clarity.

Purple Chime Candle

  • Candle Magic has a variety of applications, they may be used in ceremonial, field or ritual work, characteristics may be determined by color, additives, and adornments.

    When practicing Candle Magic, consider the following:

    • Carving,
    • Color,
    • Dressing,
    • Flame Movement,
    • Intention,
    • Loading,
    • Shape and
    • Suspension.

    Please practice all fire safety rules and regulations.

    For more information on Candles, their uses and their application please contact Altar Egos!

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