Let the spirits of the plants be your allies and friends. This gracefully illustrated

deck will support you with insights gleaned from traditional herb lore, providing

guidance and perspective from the thin places between one world and another.


Designed to awaken your natural intuition, this collection of forty elegant botanical

cards from the creator of the Linestrider Tarot draws inspiration from healers

and helpers who work in the mysterious realms of wilderness and spirit.


Kit includes a 40-card oracle deck and a 192-page color instruction book.

Hedgewitch Botanical Oracle Deck

  • Tarot cards are a form of divination, whereby various patterns, or spreads, one can ascertain different forms of information.

    Typically, there are two major types of reading the cards:

    • By utilizing the name of the card and the explanation of said card in relationship to the spread.
    • By looking at the images and symbolism on the cards in the spread to gather information.

    Most Tarot decks come with a book, discussing in detail the meaning behind the cards. We suggest a combination of the two basic methods, in doing so, the reading can seem both informative and personal.

    For more information on Tarot decks, their uses and their application please contact Altar Egos!

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