Each Altar Egos Floral Sage Smudge is designed to create the same

energetic qualities as traditional sage with the added vibrational frequences

of rose, wild flowers and incense.


Each Altar Egos Floral Sage Smudge has either Communication incense (Purple), 

Consecration incense (White) , or Healing incense (Multi-colored).


Floral Sage Smudge

  • The act of smudging involves using various cylindrically rolled, dried herbs and through the process of suffumigation, using the smoke to affect a specific energy. The energy, typically unwanted, negative or stagnant energy, clears when the smoke clears, leaving neutral or positive energies.

    Typically, one can smudge:

    • Altars
    • A person,
    • An environment,
    • A home,
    • An item,
    • Sacred spaces and
    • Much more!

    Each Altar Egos Smudge is designed for multiple use workings.

    Please practice all fire safety rules and regulations.

    For more information on Smudges, their uses and their application please contact Altar Egos!

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