Three Kings Charcoals are one of  the most traditional and well known hookah charcoals around the world.


The quicklight round charcoals take only seconds to light up and come in 33mm or 40mm sizes.

Charcoal Tablets

  • Charcoal Tablets are used to provide uniform heat to incense resin, herbs and powders. Typically used in the art of suffumigation (the act of using smoke in ritual or ceremonial methods).

    To use the charcoal:

    • Find a safe heatproof container for your charcoal.
      • You want something that is both thick enough to prevent heat transfer to surface, and wide enough to catch any stray sparks.
      • A stone bowl filled with sand is your best bet.
      • If you're using a metal incense burner, place a wood coaster underneath it to avoid scorching your table or altar.
    • To light the charcoal, hold it by one edge while applying flame to the other. (The safest way to do this is to use incense tongs.)
    • Self-lighting charcoal will begin to crackle and pop as the surface ignites. (You can blow on it gently as if you were lighting a campfire.)
    • When the whole surface is glowing, it is ready for you to add your incense, herbs or powders.
    • Add a pinch at a time and allow to burn completely.


    CAUTION: At no time should you touch the charcoal tablet once lit or attempt to move the charcoal burner. Both will be very hot and will burn you. Do not leave burning charcoal or burning incense unattended. Allow for proper air ventilation in the room where you are burning incense.

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