Blue Moon Empowerment Ritual Powder is created during the Blue Moon

and is designed to empower the intention of everything in which it interacts.


Ingredients: Various herbs, roots, and stones


Shelf Life of 1-3 years

Blue Moon Empowerment Ritual Powder

  • There are many ways one can use Ritual Powders for their spiritual uses. Traditionally, methods such as:

    • Suffumigation (burning over charcoal, to use the smoke),
    • Candle magic, referring to dressing, loading or suspending,
    • Environmental alteration,
    • Oil creation,
    • Water and Washes creation,
    • Mojo, Medicine or other hand work and
    • Many more!

    For more information on various Ritual Powders, their uses and their application please contact Altar Egos!

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